Moscow Architecture School (MARCH)
The "Technology" module is one of the main components of the Moscow Architecture School program during the entire educational process. On the BA1, BA2 and MA1 courses, the program implies weekly theoretical and practical work with students, and on BA3 and MA2 — regular consultations as part of the students' graduation theses.
The course is formed with the modern theory and practice of structural design and engineering.

The main authors of the course program are employees of Werner Sobek bureau and the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) at the University of Stuttgart.

The module sets itself the following goals:
- to acquaint students with the role of other participants in the design process (engineers, consultants, contractors, etc.);
- to acquaint students with the materials used in construction, their properties, advantages, and limitations;
- to give a general knowledge of theoretical and technical sciences important for design and construction;
- to provide the capabilities necessary for independent consideration of engineering topics and solving simple engineering problems;
- to provide reliable engineering knowledge required for cooperation with professional engineers;
- to provide general knowledge of building technologies and methods;
- to give an understanding of the constraints associated with the economic and technical aspects of the construction business;
- to instill in students the principles of sustainable design and construction throughout the course.

The course is designed for 6 semesters, with the first 4 semesters mainly focused on acquiring new knowledge, and the last 2 semesters on their application.

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