technology module MARCH


Technology module: 1st year of MARCH Bachelor's Degree
Ivan Tomovic — Structural engineer, CEO of Werner Sobek Moscow
Anton Sutyagin — Structural engineer
This module is designed to familiarize students with the basic terms and principles of engineering and their application in architecture. It covers a wide area of technical expertise including sustainability, materials science, structural mechanics, structural physics, building technology, and building systems.
An engineering education for architects should provide an understanding of the entire design and construction process, guided by the architect as the primary author, but involving many other disciplines and professionals. A basic understanding of these topics and principles will help students understand the limitations of architectural ideas and enable them to communicate with engineers while collaborating on a project. In addition, as a result of the course, students will be able to independently solve simple engineering problems and reasonably assess the choice of materials, structural and other engineering systems and their impact on the architectural concept. Beyond the limitations, students will be able to understand the potential of various traditional and modern engineering systems and materials.

The course is organized as an ex-cathedra lecture series followed by practical exercises and physical or digital examples and simulations.

At the end of the BA1 Technology module, students should have:
- self-prepared manual with a systematized short course outline, basic definitions, and terms (DIN A3; DIN A4);
- report and drawings of the structural system of a single-family house (II Semester workshop);
- physical model of the structural system of a single-family house (wood).

In the first semester, students have 2 intermediate exams.

Final grades are set at the end of the II Semester based on the student's activities, exam results, independently prepared reports, drawings and models.