18 March - 23 May
Na Shabolovke Gallery

From March 18 to May 23, 2021, Na Shabolovke Gallery will host an "Anatomy of structures" exhibition of MARCH Architecture School. The exhibition is based on the results of an eponymous course of the Bachelor's 2nd year program, dedicated in 2019-20 to the study of outstanding works of Russian and European school of structural engineering at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries.
The period of the late XIX - early XX century is rightfully considered as the Golden Age of structural engineering since precisely at that time a shift of theory and practice of structures into the third dimension took place: flat rafter systems were replaced by spatial shells. The new type of structures inspired not only the artists and architects of the avant-garde but also to the great extent defined the appearance of architecture up to the present day. Many innovative solutions appeared in Russia at that time, the best of which were presented at the All-Russia Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896.
At the exhibition, you can see models illustrating the main stages of this transition from the unique lightweight roof structures of the passages of the Moscow Main department store (GUM) to the hyperboloid tower of the Adjigol lighthouse in Kherson, the predecessor of the radio tower on Shabolovka. The exhibition presents analytical materials describing the unique features of each object, as well as the general patterns of development of structural engineering in Russian and European context during this period.
Exposition authors:

Architecture school MARCH students:
Vladislav Aleinikov, Yulia Alexandrovskaya, Andrey Astakhov, Sofia Balykina, Fedor Bolshakov, Alexandra Gavrilova, Vadim Galichyan, Valeria Glebova, Marina Gorlova, Nina Grinko, Victoria Denisova, Sofya Dobychina, Asya Zaslavskaya, Polina Igoshina, Kazandina Istoksky, Alexandra , Margarita Kim, Yaroslava Komarkova, Ulyana Kravchenko, Evgeny Kurenkov, Daniil Orekhov, Fedor Polushkin, Ekaterina Postoyuk, Mikhail Sapozhnikov, Anastasia Slavina, Polina Solovieva, Anna-Maria Stepanova, Christina Stepanyan, Tatyana Stratu, Anna Titov, Ilya Filippov , Daria Sheverda, Dina Yumagulova.


Ivan Tomovic, Daria Kovaleva, Vadim Veremchuk, Valentin Grudsky, Sergey Pshenichny.
Exhibition team:

Curator: Daria Kovaleva
Coordinator: Anna Platonova
Graphic design: Anna Khorash, Marina Krokhaleva
Assistance in preparing the exposition: Martun Pogosian

General partner:

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