ВА2 course, Technology module
January 2018 a presentation of student projects took place at MARCH as part of the Anatomy of Structures workshop. The course was devoted to the study of various typologies of roofing systems and the analysis of their design features. During the fall semester, students made digital models and wooden mockups to test their hypotheses regarding the principles of rafter and frame roofing.

In the 1st semester, the study of each object began with a group of students with an analysis of its socio-economic prerequisites, as well as technological and construction features. Further, with the help of literary sources, a detailed 3-dimensional model of the structure was created in order to identify its basic structural principles.

Further, the structural analysis was performed to confirm the hypotheses and observations. Further, the shop drawings were prepared for the production of physical models made of wood and acrylic glass. The individual elements were produced from ready-made profiles or cut out on a CNC mill, and then assembled in a certain sequence, which, if possible, mastered the logic of assembling the structure during the construction process.