2019 - 2020
Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow

Curators: Mark Akopian and Elena Vlasova
Within the framework of the international exhibition project "Shukhov. Formula of Architecture", organized by the Shchusev Museum of Architecture and Shukhov Tower Foundation, the Moscow Architectural School (MARCH), the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) and Werner Sobek Moscow took part in the exhibition, presenting didactic models on the theory and history of structures made by MARCH students, as well as models and graphic materials on the history and tradition of the school of lightweight construction from ILEK archive.

In the 1st (introductory) hall of the exposition, three didactic models with accompanying videos were presented, reflecting the basic principles of mechanics, that were used in the history of construction first intuitively and later consciously by architects, engineers and builders.

Three didactic models demonstrated the basic laws of mechanics, including the balance of force systems, the fundamentals of tensile and compressive stresses and the examples of their application in various historical examples, particularly in Shukhov's buildings.
Self-stabilized tensegrity model
demonstrates the principle of the equilibrium of tensile and compressive forces and as the result the stability of structure (Martun Pogosian, Nikolay Vasyanin, Ilya Svirsky)
Hanging and Inverted Vaulted Shell Model
demonstrates the principle of the reversibility of tension and compression and the identity of shape for in-plane compressive and tensile stresses (Mikhail Sirotinin, Bogdan Tepshich, Natalia Goryunova, Varvara Dolgaya)
Model and mechanism for producing soap film
demonstrates the form-finding mechanism of a soap film as nanural analog of minimum-area membrane on a given boundary (Anna Tyuryakova, Mikhail Sirotinin, Vlada Misureva)

In a separate hall of the exhibition dedicated to the development of lightweight structures in the 20th century, original layouts and graphic materials from the archives of the ILEK, specially brought for the exhibition from Stuttgart to Moscow, as well as several recent and current Werner Sobek projects
illustrating conservation and development traditions of lightweight structures in modern architectural and engineering practice.

Among the models were presented: a scale model of the building of the ILEK (1993), a model of the east stand of the Olympic Stadium in Munich (1972), a model of the Chicago Dome (2003), and a scale model of the HafenCity Überseequartier glass roof segment (2013-2021).